Microsoft 365 email settings

Settings for Microsoft 365 emails from GoDaddy
Written by Admin Dec. 17, 2021
Microsoft 365 Email

Follow the instruction below to check all required HostBrook (or GoDaddy) account settings for Microsoft 365 emails. It prevents getting your emails into the spam boxes of any mail servers/clients.

Check DNS settings for domain you need email

Go to your account - "My Products"

Click the link "DNS" at the right of the domain you need the email:

Workspace emails settings

At the new page opens check six records that need to be at the list (see the image below):

Workspace emails settings


SPF, DKIM and DMARC records

For proper email sending via mailer (for example via PHPMailer) we recommend to add DNS records SPF and DMARC as described below. It can prevent recognize your emails as a spam.

Manage Microsift 365 emails from GoDaddy

Get more info how to setup your Microsoft 365 emails.

Also you can get online access to your email box via Webmail. To get into your email account type in browser the URL of your hosting website with subdomain "email". For example, for domain "" the URL to be:

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